COVID-19 Testing

***IMPORTANT UPDATE 23rd January 2022***

Do you have symptoms or are you a close contact? You can be tested for COVID-19 at Miranda Medical Centre.

Please call at 8am to make an appointment. Please do NOT present to the practice until you have been called by one of our doctors. COVID-19 testing is located in our rear car park. DO NOT ENTER the medical centre. Please ensure you wear a mask and socially distance. Results can take up to 48 hours and you will receive a text message from pathology as soon as your results have been processed.


Monday to Friday 8am-12pm, 4pm-4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am-12pm


What services do you provide?

We Assess, Test and Diagnose Covid-19, Influenza and other Respiratory Conditions.

If I have symptoms, what do I do?

Call the practice on (02) 9540 1044 and ask for a COVID test. One of our doctors will call you and discuss your symptoms and any other concerns and organise a referral to be sent to our COVID clinic.

Where is the COVID clinic?

It is important that you do not enter the practice if you are presenting for a COVID test. Please wear a mask otherwise a mask will be provided to you. It is important that you enter through our carpark on Penprase Lane. There you will see a large ‘COVID-19’ sign. Please make yourself known to a staff member on duty who is in full PPE. They will then provide further directions regarding where to line up whilst socially distancing from others.

Can you COVID test for overseas travellers?

No, we are unable to test patients who require a COVID test for overseas travel.

How long does it take to get my result?

Pathology will text you your result as soon as it has been processed. This varies but is usually within 72 hours (or longer during peak periods).

What happens if I have tested positive?

You will receive a text message directly from pathology and a phone call from one of our Doctors.

If I get vaccinated, I will not need a COVID test if I get COVID symptoms?

If you have any COVID symptoms you must get tested, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not.

Do I need to stay in isolation until I get my PCR result?

Yes, you must stay in isolation until you receive a negative PCR result. If you are positive, a doctor will call and discuss with the most up to date health advice regarding isolation requirements.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, please ‘like’ our page for regular updates and information