After-Hours Billing Change

After-Hours Billing Change

Dear Valued Patients,

The medicare rebates no longer cover the costs of a medical practice. This is why in recent years many practices have converted to mixed billing or private billing or reduced their hours so as they are no longer open weekends or public holidays. We have remained 100% bulk-billing as we believe all patients are entitled to the very best of health care. It has now reached the stage where we can no longer continue to do this for all patients and remain open after-hours providing all of the services that we currently do – Nursing staff, Pathology, X-Ray, Pharmacy, covid testing etc.

The following will occur from Saturday the 25th of June:

  1. We will continue to bulk bill all patients between the hours of 8am and 5pm on Weekdays.

2.    We will also continue to bulk-bill all of our current patients during the after- hours period. We define a current patient as a patient who has visited one of our General Practitioner’s in the past 12 months.

3.    For all patients who are not our regular patients who attend during the after-hours period, which is 5pm-10pm Monday to Friday, and all day on Weekends and Public Holidays, we will be charging a one- off private fee for their first consultation. All consultations from then on during the following twelve months will be bulk-billed.