Latest News and Medical Updates

Extension of Psychological Services - 09/04/2014
We are pleased to announce that with the addition of a few very experienced psychologists we now offer Psychologist appointments six days per week, including all day on a Saturda ... read more

2014 Flu Vaccine Now Available - 23/03/2014
The Flu Vaccine for 2014 is now available. It is supplied free by the government for everyone aged 65 and over, and also for some patients with chronic diseases. For everyone els ... read more

Cosmetic Surgeon Now Available - 17/01/2014
We are pleased to welcome Dr Bernard Beldholm as a visiting Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Beldholm performs a full range of Cosmetic Surgeries, including Breast Augmentation, B ... read more

Dentist Rooms Now Open - 08/08/2013
Our practice is pleased to welcome Dr Kohli to the centre. An experienced Dentist he is now available for appointments, including weekends. Appointments can be made by phoning th ... read more